Welcome to my Web Presence!

The following pages are intended as an overview of my professional and academic background; and I'll try and do my best in updating the contents from time to time.

In the UK since 2000, I have worked for a number of companies and household names in the IT outsourcing domain. A selection of high-visibility, large scale outsourcing and managed services programmes have marked my way. Having crossed the borderline between 'projects' and 'operations' a number of times, I gained in-depth and hands-on experience in turn-around and interim management.

About five years ago I settled in Bournemouth / Dorset - a place sporting fabulous beaches and probably one of Britain's most lively nightlifes. Bournemouth, however, for some appears to be a household name as a place to retire to and some behaviour on the roads seem to support this view. I am probably stuck somewhere in the middle: not into clubs, not yet into OAP homes and still driving safely ...